self-contained curriculums to teach different skillsets

Wait, what, huh? TiddlyWiki? Yeah, dude, it's like this really cool, self-contained wiki that you can alter and develop JavaScript additions for... like, you can just go to mine, click the SAVE link in the top right corner and then you'll have an exact copy of the HTML page which you can store on your local machine and edit however you like!

Currently available we have:

nothing. but just you wait.


text-based gameplay loop system for designing stories

If you have ever played a MUD -- or, Multi-User Dungeon as us old folks like to call it -- you know what I'm going for here. The major difference in this single player experience is the concept of time limits; purely enforced to force the player to try and complete certain tasks. Complete the task and a future "room" might be easier to solve or present different opportunities to trail down different storylines. Combine the idea of a MUD with an escape room and you get the idea.

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relational cryptotrust ledger

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